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Rehabilitation treatment

Rehabilitation – complex application of medical rehabilitation measures after operations or injuries in order to restore work capacity, emotional, physical and social independence functions. We apply complex treatment to each patient, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, water procedures and others.

Consultations and Analyses

Professional consultations and laboratory tests of doctors and specialists are carried out in order to determine the causes and exact diagnosis of your various health disorders and to prescribe the most suitable health and treatment procedures for you.

During the consultation, we will draw up an individual wellness or treatment program just for you, taking into account your individual needs.

Movement therapy

Each movement is like a tool that encourages you to engage the whole body and mind, to give integrity and strength. With the help of movement therapy tools and procedures, you will renew proper body movement, improve and maintain the functional condition of bones and muscles, cardiovascular and other systems.

Apparatus procedures

We aim to improve human health using various physical factors. Physical therapy (apparatus) procedures are an integral part of comprehensive medical rehabilitation and health promotion, allowing for faster restoration of functionality, improvement in quality of life, strengthening of weakened muscles, and rehabilitation after surgeries or injuries.

Therapeutic massages

Therapeutic massage is professional, targeted and highly effective, suitable for people with various types of spinal pain or curvature, injuries, slowed blood circulation, prolonged sedentary or heavy physical work, active sports, and signs of nervous system weakness.

Therapeutic massage differs from relaxing spa massages in intensity, segmentation, and duration.

Natūralus gydymas

The natural world around us – and the natural gifts it provides – has a special impact on everyone’s emotional and physical health. Vitalising mineral water, soothing mud, strengthening salt procedures will provide you with maximum benefit and energy emitted by nature.

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