Movement Therapy

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Stretching exercises

Feeling constant stress, the body defends itself by causing muscles to spasm. During stretching exercises, we relax muscles and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system by breathing deeply and slowly, mobilising joints that stiffen from sedentary work. The aim of these exercises is to calm the body and mind through effective stretching.

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is popular and practiced to treat respiratory and circulatory system disorders, spinal diseases, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Nordic walking practices are easy to learn and apply, thus facilitating aerobic endurance development. Walking trains up to 90% of the body’s muscles, reduces stress levels, boosts metabolism, and improves mental and psychological well-being. During Nordic walking sessions, warm-up, instruction, and walking through pine trails are conducted.

Breathing Exercises

These exercises teach proper breathing – breathing with the abdomen (using the diaphragm muscles). The exercises aim to improve lung capacity, abdominal pressure, and intercostal muscles. During the exercises, Shinrin-yoku – forest bathing, is practiced, reducing cortisol levels and increasing serotonin levels in the body, calming and stabilizing emotional balance.

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Constant rushing, often experienced stress, fatigue, and insomnia – all these are often the companions of modern humans. People feel tired, tense, have difficulty concentrating, focusing, and sleep poorly. One way to help slow down the pace of life is to spend more time in nature.

Nature therapy is learning to focus on the present moment in nature, on various sensations, associations, being with oneself and nature. A specialist from Gradiali sanatorium will help you feel these sensations in nature.

Nature scents, sounds, and sights affect our brains, reducing the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood, slowing down the pulse, lowering blood pressure, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, improving memory, cognitive functions such as processing speed, attention control, creativity, and self-control. Nature therapy also strengthens the immune system, improves sleep quality, increases feelings of happiness, and life satisfaction.

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This therapeutic exercise is performed in the gym with a kinesiotherapist.

Kinesiotherapy (movement therapy) is one of the main rehabilitation and wellness tools. Proper movement and correct breathing help improve and maintain the good functional condition of bones and muscles, the cardiovascular system, and other systems, normalise metabolism, and improve overall internal organ function. Kinesiotherapy has significant benefits for people suffering from back, spine, and joint pain.

Group physiotherapy is used to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, in the case of spinal disorders (for improving posture, treating spinal osteochondrosis, radiculopathies, post-spinal surgeries), joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, post-joint surgeries), respiratory conditions (bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis), endocrine disorders (diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases, etc.), cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertension).

In the kinesiotherapy room, small balls, Gymnic balls, Thera-Band bands, sticks, and various sports equipment are used to make therapeutic exercises interesting and effective. We recommend a cycle of 10 exercises for you to feel the impact on your health.

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Vertical bath kinesiotherapy is exercises performed in a pool with mineral water at a temperature of 35-36°C. Water at this temperature, matching body temperature, relaxes muscles and relieves joints. Various exercises are performed during vertical baths on a platform, by the wall, or using various water aids.

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Only with doctor’s prescription.

Vertical bath kinesiotherapy is exercises performed in a pool with mineral water at a temperature of 35-36°C. Water at this temperature, matching body temperature, relaxes muscles and relieves joints. Various exercises are performed during vertical baths on a platform, by the wall, or using various water aids. Spinal stretching in a Glisson Loop bandage is our sanatorium’s pride and one of the most effective procedures for back pain relief.

Spinal stretching is an excellent tool for improving intervertebral disc nutrition, reducing symptoms of nerve root compression, improving spinal mobility, and helping to relax tense lumbar spine muscles. During the procedure, using RedCord equipment, stretching intensity can be adjusted, vibration can be used to better relax tense muscle structures.

The person is tested during the procedure, gradually increasing exercises in a closed kinetic chain. The load is increased until the person can perform exercises correctly or begins to feel pain. Injury or muscle weakness is diagnosed if the person cannot perform the exercise with a relatively small load or if there is observed asymmetry in muscle strength between the right and left sides of the body while performing the exercise. The localisation of the disorder is targeted by performing exercises in an open kinetic chain.

The Redcord system can be used to diagnose spinal vertebrae displacement, instability, and joint mobility.

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The strength and balance board module are used to distribute weight force, assess balance, and train. These boards are stable, making them safe for persons with balance disorders. During the procedure, balance is evaluated according to a standardised methodology, and the data are automatically used to determine the level of difficulty of computer games and exercises.

For the rehabilitation of neurological and orthopedic diseases:

After spinal injuries

To reduce the risk of falls

When suffering from labyrinthine diseases

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Exercises are performed under the supervision of a professional kinesiotherapist, according to the individual capacity of the expectant mother. During the sessions, the muscles of the pelvis, lower back, legs, and arms are strengthened. Gymnastics balls are used, exercises are performed with body weight or additional tools, taking into account the individual condition of the woman.

Benefits of exercises: Helps prepare for childbirth or recover from it both physically and emotionally Helps prevent common pregnancy discomforts such as insomnia, back pain, shortness of breath, increased headaches, limb numbness; harmonises emotions, teaches to love the changing body and feel the signals it sends, creates a bond with the baby.

Duration of exercises: 30 min.+ diaphragmatic breathing exercises

Session time: Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays at 15:00 in the small kinesiotherapy room on the second floor. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early for the exercise session. If you do not reside in Gradiali Sanatorium, please come dressed appropriately for exercise. Sportswear is not mandatory during the exercise session.

Gift: After each exercise session, (15:40) you can enjoy an oxygen cocktail with mineral water or choose a mineral water inhalation procedure. Additionally, upon purchasing a 5-session exercise pass, you will receive complementary nature therapy on Fridays at 16:00.

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5 sessions: 75 EUR 63 EUR.

ATTENTION! After purchasing an exercise pass, please inform us of your attendance at the chosen time: +370 667 22802,

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During Pilates workouts, rehabilitative physical exercises are performed to stabilise and strengthen the core muscles, correcting irregularities in our body’s habits. Regular Pilates exercises help restore proper posture and sitting position, forming a habit of correct posture and natural movements inherent to each individual. Attention is paid to quality, slow, and conscious movement execution, engaging the harmony between body and mind.

Session time: Held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 17:00, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 in the small kinesiotherapy room on the second floor. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early for the exercise session. Please wear light sportswear for the workouts; exercises are performed without sports shoes (with socks or barefoot).

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You save money by ordering a subscription! 10 exercises 100 Eur 70 Eur.

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Occupational therapy aims to restore, maintain, or compensate for a patient’s health capabilities through purposeful activity. The main aim of occupational therapy is to teach the patient to perform activities, tasks and roles to ensure a productive life and control over themselves and their environment. Individual occupational therapy considers the patient’s personal needs, and sessions are tailored to the patient’s abilities and needs.

During consultations, the following are evaluated:

  • Fine motor skills (hand function, bilateral hand coordination, visual-motor skills, academic skills);
  • The ability to perceive and react to environmental stimuli (sensory integration);
  • Skills for independently performing self-care activities (eating, dressing, hygiene skills, their formation, etc.);
  • Cognitive skills (attention concentration, motor planning skills, etc.);
  • The need for compensatory and assistive devices and adaptation possibilities.
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During occupational therapy sessions, the aim is to improve or restore the patient’s existing or lost daily activity skills. This occupational therapy applies to musculoskeletal system injuries (bone fractures) and diseases (osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.), nervous system impairments (head, spinal injuries) and diseases (carpal tunnel syndrome, disc herniation, strokes, neuropathies, etc.), soft tissue injuries (scars limiting hand movements, tendon, muscle, and ligament injuries) and diseases (epicondylitis, tendovaginitis, etc.) treatment.

During the procedure:

  • Increased range of motion;
  • Fine motor skills are developed;
  • Weak muscles are strengthened;
  • Tissue blood supply improves;
  • Coordination improves.
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To develop wrist strength. Wrist isometric grip strength measurements are performed with the help of a dynamometer. Finger pinch strength and endurance are measured with a pinch strength gauge. Motor skills are developed with computer games, increasing finger and wrist strength and endurance.

Recommended for:

  • Weak wrist muscles;
  • Poor grip;
  • Poor hand motor skills.

For the Hands. Exercises are aimed at improving and strengthening wrist joint ranges of motion and strength. During exercises, wrist, elbow, and shoulder joint ranges of motion are developed, and muscle strength is improved. Household movements are restored with the aid of attachments. The device has 10 positions, and resistance force is adjustable.


  • After suffering a stroke;
  • After various hand injuries;
  • After cervical herniation;
  • During hand movement rehabilitation.

For strength and range of motion development. Exercises are aimed at restoring joint amplitudes and increasing body muscle strength. The first sensor is attached to the contracted muscle. Its registered contractions can be monitored in real time. The second sensor (accelerometer) detects joint amplitudes.

Recommended for:

  • For paraplegics;
  • For muscle loss;
  • Reduction in joint amplitudes.
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