Pool and sauna area

Nuo € 1 asm./ 1 para

Opening times for pools and saunas:  
I-V 15:00-22:00
VI-VII   08:00-22:00*
* Quiet time from 20:00, only persons aged 16 and above can visit.

Prices (for non-hotel residents):

  • From 16 years old – EUR 20 / 3 hours
  • From 4 to 15 years old – EUR 10 / 3 hours
  • From 0 to 3 years old – free of charge

Swimming pools

Gradiali pools use water from Žvorūnė mineral well, which, in its salinity and mineralisation, is comparable to the Black Sea! So, swimming and having fun in such water is not only enjoyable but also highly beneficial for health! Water temperature ~34°C (suitable for infants and young children).


Turkish steam bath    Combined Nordic steam saunaHimalayan sauna with salt wall
Temperature 45-55°C Humidity 95-99%Temperature 40-95°C Humidity 15-90 %Temperature 70-100°C Humidity 6-15 %
Steam room 10-15 min., Break 20-30 min.  Steam room 15-20 min., Break 20-30 min.
Steam room 15-20 min., Break 20-30 min.  
Guest Etiquette

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