Pool and sauna area etiquette

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Rules that might seem intimidating to ask but are worth familiarising yourself with and advisable to follow when visiting the GRADIALI sanatorium’s pool and sauna area

Pool and sauna area etiquette:

  • Do not visit the pool and sauna area while intoxicated or heavily after eating.
  • Wear swimwear.
  • Wear non-slip footwear (you can purchase it at the sanatorium reception desk 1).
  • We recommend tying long hair.
  • Before entering the sauna and pool, be sure to shower.
  • Do not perform depilation procedures in the shower.
  • Do not jump into the water or dive.
  • Do not bring food and drinks.
  • Please ensure that children under 3 years old wear swimming diapers (you can purchase them at the sanatorium reception desk 1).
  • Please respect your own and your guests’ relaxation in the pool and sauna area, and please keep quiet and avoid noise.
  • From 20:00, there is a quiet time in the pool and sauna area, only persons aged 16 and older can visit.
  • Do not pour water or other substances on the sauna stones, do not use scrubs or other cosmetic products.

We wish you pleasant sensations and thank you for visiting us!

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