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The Gradiali Sanatorium offers professional medical rehabilitation and wellness services. Guests can choose from wellness programmes prepared by specialists or create an individual wellness programme with the assistance of onsite specialists.

Services include physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR), gynaecologist, on-duty doctors, reflexology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietitian, psychologist, speech therapist, social worker consultations and services, as well as various medical tests using the latest equipment.


A Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) doctor assists in returning to normal life rhythms after serious illnesses or surgeries, enhances health, accelerates the recovery process of many diseases, and helps the body recover from injuries and/or surgeries. During consultations, the PM&R doctor assesses the health condition, selects the most suitable wellness treatments, develops an individualised rehabilitation programme, monitors the effectiveness of rehabilitation, and adjusts the programme according to individual needs if necessary.

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During the consultation, the specialist looks at your past or current illnesses and injuries, assesses physical capability, and can thus select the most suitable wellness regimen for your condition. If necessary, the physiotherapist can conduct tests for a more detailed evaluation of the disorder: range of motion, muscle strength, body balance, posture, gait pattern, functional movements.

With all the information obtained, the physiotherapist can suggest initial exercises that will help address the problem and direct further treatment.

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If you have suffered a trauma, serious injury, are recovering from surgery or are unable to perform many of the most basic everyday tasks that don’t require physical strength due to your impaired health, we offer occupational therapists. During consultations, the occupational therapist will select the most appropriate treatment to improve your health, with the help of special exercises, they will help overcome passive or inactive muscles, help you feel more independent in daily activities, and regain work skills you had before the illness. Occupational therapy helps to restore a person’s functions and capabilities to the maximum extent possible, enabling independence in everyday life.

Occupational therapy consultations are provided individually and in groups.

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Psychologist consultation is professional assistance in overcoming difficulties, making decisions, and finding solutions to challenging life situations. It’s a safe space to be listened to and heard. A psychologist helps cope with difficulties such as relationship issues, work and career problems, experiencing stress, anxiety, and lifestyle changes.

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A speech therapist consults persons suffering from various neurological (stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.), neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.) where speech and language functions, swallowing, and voice are impaired. The speech therapist is the primary specialist in restoring or reducing speech, language, and communication disorders.

During the speech therapist consultation:

Speech and language are assessed

Disorders are identified

Articulatory motor skills are developed and assessed

Reading and writing disorders are evaluated and overcome

Pronunciation disorders are corrected

Slow speech is activated and developed

Lost language abilities after brain damage are restored (dysphasia, aphasia)

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Daily nutrition is crucial for everyone’s health, therefore, a dietitian, professionally assessing a person’s health, long-term goals, and eating habits, provides recommendations on how to maintain weight balance by eating a variety of foods, how to achieve the desired weight without giving up your favourite foods, how to add flavour to your life, and how to boost your health in the long-term. During the consultation, the dietitian assesses the person’s state of health, carries out a body composition analysis, and can make recommendations based on individual needs:

An eating plan to adjust your weight, either up or down.

Appropriate food choices for digestive system diseases (such as increased acidity, diarrhoea, constipation), or chronic diseases (arthritis, diabetes, kidney diseases) to reduce their effects through non-drug means.

Improve daily dietary habits, learn to create a meal plan independently.

Advice and coaching on how to overcome the emotional eating habit.

During consultations, an individual meal plan (for one week) can be created. The price of this plan is indicated in the dietitian’s price list.

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During the doctor of reflexotherapy consultation, you will find out if you need the procedure, how often it should be performed, which active points need to be activated, and which will be stimulated during the treatment. Reflexotherapy is applied for various types of pain and illnesses.

Acupuncture methods cannot be used for the following conditions:

Bleeding disorders


Patients with oncological diseases

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A professional gynaecologist consultation and thorough examination aim to identify health issues and select an appropriate wellness plan. The professionalism of the doctor and a holistic approach help women reduce or heal from gynaecological complaints.

This service is provided only to hotel guests.

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A professional gynaecologist consultation, examination, and ultrasound examination will allow for a more detailed assessment of health problems and the selection of the best wellness plan. The professionalism of the doctor and a holistic approach help women reduce or heal from gynaecological complaints.

This service is provided only to hotel guests.

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The goal of FDM therapy is anatomical correction of damaged fascia. After the first session, you will experience easier movement and reduced pain. Recovery is fast after therapy, allowing for a quick return to physical activity.

This new treatment method is suitable if you experience:

Neck, shoulder girdle, back pain, tension, stiffness, restricted movement

Numbness, weakness, instability in the arms or legs

Acute pain due to sprained or dislocated joints

Injuries (ligaments), muscle strains, bruises, etc.

Movement disorders

Registration is by telephone only: +370 667 22802

A follow-up doctor or specialist* consultation is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of prescribed rehabilitation treatments, adjusting the prescribed rehabilitation or wellness programme, identifying procedures that the guest cannot tolerate, and prescribing additional treatments.

*price does not apply to gynaecologist and FDM doctor consultations


The E-LINK upper limb trainer is designed for persons who require more effective restoration of upper limb function. During the procedure, exercises are performed based on a computer game with a special tool. The performed movements are evaluated and presented in the form of statistical charts. The trainer is recommended for persons of various ages, especially recommended for those with wrist joint pathology.

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Spirometry is the measurement of air volume and speed during inhalation and exhalation, helping to diagnose respiratory function disorders. During the examination, lung volume is measured, checking for airway obstruction, and assessing lung ventilation function. Recommended for people with chronic lung diseases (asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, etc.), as well as for those working in polluted air conditions and smokers.

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The wireless muscle testing system is used to measure muscle strength, analyse results, plan treatment, monitor progress, and assess disability levels. Testing can be performed after injuries or illnesses, in case of back pain, or for athletes.

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A professional gynaecologist consultation, thorough examination, and ultrasound examination will allow for a more detailed assessment of existing health problems and the selection of the best wellness plan. The doctor’s professionalism and holistic approach help women reduce and heal from gynaecological complaints.

This service is available only to hotel guests.

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