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60 € / 60 min.

The relaxing amber body massage is for those seeking special tranquillity and relaxation, lovers of warmth. The massage is performed with amber oil, rich in amber acid, thus regenerating the skin. Warm amber sachets are placed on the massaged areas, allowing the muscles to relax and warm up even better.

Benefits of the procedure: The body relaxes and unwinds, improving blood circulation in the hands and feet.

Treatment includes: Massage with amber oil, application of warm amber sachets on the body.

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77 € / 75 min.

Amber Respite massage is a breath of fresh air for your body, positively affecting the organism, reducing stress, muscle tension, and regenerating the skin. After the massage, back and head pains subside, muscles relax, spasms disappear, and joint mobility is restored.

Benefits of the procedure: helps rest and relax the body, improves blood circulation in the hands and feet.

Treatment includes: body massage with amber oil, application of warm amber sachets on the body.

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73 € / 75 min.

Honey cleanses impurities, nourishes the skin and boosts immunity. The massage is performed using specific slow and calm massage movements and the back is massaged with warmed natural honey. This activates blood circulation and improves the oxygen supply to the skin. After the honey massage for the back, a full-body massage with amber oil is performed, and the back is pampered with warm amber nuggets, which further relax the muscles and saturate the body with warmth.

*Not recommended for persons with excessive hairiness.

Benefits of the procedure: cleanses slags and toxins, relaxes body muscles.

Treatment includes: Back massage with honey, full-body massage with amber oil and pampering with warm amber bundles.

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39 € / 30 min.

The deeply relaxing nature of the massage soothes the central nervous system, relaxes muscles, reduces irritability and eliminates fatigue. The relaxing massage is performed with slow and wide movements.

Benefits of the procedure: relaxes back muscles.

Treatment includes: preparation, back massage.

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44 € / 30 min.

It is an exceptionally gentle, soothing, and harmonising treatment that will help you relax after a day’s work, relieve stress, tension, and immerse yourself in a whirlwind of positive emotions. The massage effectively relaxes muscle tension, activates blood flow to the muscles, thereby reducing accumulated tension. Perfect for post-exercise recovery.​

Benefits of the procedure: relaxes all body muscles.

Treatment includes: preparation, body massage.

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65 € / 60 min.

Tense muscles are relaxed with warm stones. The massage is designed to deeply saturate the body with warmth. The warmth penetrating into the tissues from the pebbles activates blood circulation and metabolic processes, allowing muscle cells to be better supplied with oxygen. It’s perfect for those who feel cold in their extremities, tolerate heat, and want to relax.

Benefits of the procedure: stimulating, deeply relaxes and warms the whole body, brings a state of harmony and peace.

Treatment includes: massage with oils and warm stones.

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60 € / 60 min.

The uniqueness and originality lie in the manual massage technique. The original full-body massage of 65 movements, encompassing a holistic approach, allows relaxation and energy restoration from the tips of the toes to the ends of the hair. The massage body oil strengthens and nourishes the skin, providing excellent nourishment and mineralisation.

Benefits of the procedure: nourish, firms, supplements the skin with minerals and relaxes the muscles of the body.

Treatment includes: massage.

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