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Program description

The customized program is designed to restore quality sleep processes, create a new daily rhythm and sleep pattern, and improve physical and psychological well-being. Exclusive attention, a balanced schedule and individually selected therapeutic procedures will help create your work, rest and sleep routine. The program will improve blood pressure and cholesterol parameters, reduce the risk of diabetes, depression, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, slow down skin aging processes, and stabilize body weight.

The program includes

  • Accommodation;
  • Doctor’s consultation and creation of an individual plan;
  • Choice of pillow: hard, medium soft, soft;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in a buffet restaurant;
  • Five treatments per day*
  • Blood test** (the test is performed in a sanatorium, the results are provided within 1 day, the results can be discussed during the repeated doctor’s consultation)
  • Unlimited access to pool and sauna area;
  • Unlimited access to the gym;
  • Mineral water bivouette;
  • Reflexotherapy “Barefoot” trail;
  • Bathrobes and slippers in the room;
  • Free parking.

*chosen by the doctor during the preparation of the individual plan

** The blood test package includes: Thyroid hormone TTH, General blood test, Glucose, Cholesterol.

After purchasing this program, you will receive 5 procedures per day (1 from each group)

1 group – Group Physiotherapy / Morning Exercise: Nordic Walking with Instructor / Stretching Exercise / Breathing Exercise

2 group – Electrostimulation / Magnotherapy / Lymphatic drainage massage / Dry Carbonic Bath

3 group – Relaxation: aromatherapy with lavender / binaural rhythms /relaxation session

4 group – Pearl bath (lavender/ lemon balm/ herbal extracts)/ Whirlpool bath for hands or feet ((lavender/ lemon balm/ herbal extracts)

5 group – (every other day) – underwater massage / dry underwater massage / therapeutic massage

GIFT for choosing the SanSleep wellness program:

  • 1x doctor’s reflexology consultation
  • 1x reflexology treatment (acupuncture)
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